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 Wylbert Me 

Concept, illustration and print (handcrafted silkscreen)

by Michelle Hurschler


You wanna learn how to screenprint yourself or with a friend of yours? Sign up for one of the workshops, more to come...

What's there

Looking for Wylbert basicly creates handmade screenprinting products on sustainable fabrics. They can be organic qualitiy or upcycled 2nd Hand wear. Print, illustration and concept by Michelle Hurschler.

You will find products online as well as at markets, stores or other events.

There's also a bunch of stuff on postcards, the Wylbert familiy is growing...;)

You can also ask for customised works or other collab projects such as album covers, costum illustrations, workshops and/ or printing service.


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Wylbert is looking for you guys.

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